We need cooperation between various actors in society to achieve a sustainable future! During spring and summer 2023, the partners of the We make transition! -project have organised focus group discussions on selected sustainability topics.
Each focus group has used a set of questions related to the role of civil society actors and their views on cooperation with the local authorities and governance. “The focus group discussion proved to be a good method for facilitating constructive discussion and getting the grassroot knowledge on the selected sustainability topics. Focus groups enabled direct discussions between local authorities, decision-makers and civil society and enhanced their mutual understanding”, says the project leader Johanna Leino.


In Tampere three focus groups were organised:

  1. Sustainable consumption and lifestyle
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Sustainable work and employment

All focus groups had 12-17 participants including city representatives, local decision-makers from different political parties and various sustainability actors such as NGOs, cooperatives and associations.

Read more about the results of focus groups at the We make transition! project website.