Over the course of more than three years, the SURE – Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience project team has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience on urban and event security, and urban resilience.

SURE seminar in Brussels is an opportunity for EU policymakers and other stakeholders to hear key learnings from UIA urban security projects from Finland, Greece and Italy on how to enhance urban resilience and integrate it into urban development.

This seminar aims to achieve closer cooperation between the Member States, the Commission, cities and other actors to develop urban regions reinforcing urban policy through the Urban Agenda for the EU.

Join online or register for the onsite event at Brussels

We welcome everyone to join us in Brussels! Registration to the event can be done HERE.
The other possibility is to join the event online. The streaming link will be shared prior to the event on SURE website.

Sharing Key Learnings From Three UIA Projects

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Good practices to increase urban resilience
  • Practical examples of how to seamlessly blend technology and trust between security stakeholders and the public
  • How to enhance the scalability of UIA projects

The three UIA projects sharing their learnings are:

  • SURE Tampere from Tampere, Finland
  • Be Secure, Feel Secure from Piraeus, Greece and
  • ToNite from Turin, Italy


Please note the agenda is in Brussels time. You can check your own timezone here.

9:00-9:30 Morning coffee

9:30 Opening & welcome

9:40 Setting the stage: Key findings in the field of urban safety and security by SURE and UIA projects: Dr. Anniina Autero, Head of Project, City of Tampere

10:00 New membership announcements of SURE and the City of Tampere:

  • Making Cities Resilient 2030/UNDRR – Mr. David Baker and Mrs. Anniina Autero
  • European Forum for Urban Security EFUS – Mrs. Anniina Autero
  • World Smart City Awards 2022 – Mrs. Anniina Autero

10:10 “Protection of Public Spaces” – Greetings from the EU Commission: Mr. Valerio Liberatori, Policy Officer, Directorate-General Migration & Home Affairs, D2: Counter Terrorism

10:30 “Capitalising on UIA projects and bringing results to the EU level“ – Greetings from Eurocities: Mr. Pietro Reviglio, Policy Advisor, Eurocities

10:50 Panel discussion

Moderator: Konstantina Karydi, Expert, Urban Innovative Actions (UIA)

  • Elizabeth Johnston, Executive Director, European Forum for Urban Security EFUS
  • Helena Monteiro, Coordinator and Project Support Specialist, UNDRR and Making Cities Resilient 2030
  • Dr. Ilari Karppi, University Lecturer, Tampere University
  • Petri Nykänen, Director, Safety and Security, Business Tampere
  • Dr. Nikolaos Nikoloudakis, BSFS Project Manager, SingularLogic S.A.

+ discussion and questions

12:15-12:30 Sum-up & Closing of the event