A study visit on Industrial Symbiosis including business and municipal perspectives was organised on 8-9 May 2017 to Kalundborg in Denmark and Helsingborg in Sweden. 30 circular economy experts from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and Denmark took part in the visit.

Industrial Symbiosis is about providing opportunities for companies to reduce costs of production inputs and/or increase value of outputs through exploitation of side streams – and in that process realize also environmental benefits through re-cycling and up-cycling of resources.

Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis is a well-known – and internationally recognised – example of sustained symbiosis development. in Kalundborg about 20 companies participate in the cycle of buying and selling waste products. The residual products circulated and traded include steam, dust, gases, heat, slurry or other waste products that can be physically transported from one enterprise to another. The Helsingborg Industrial Symbiosis Network is built on waste synergies, heat and cooling synergies as well as biogas and biofertilizer synergies.

The event is organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordregio and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth together with regional development authorities and business organisations as part of BSR Stars S3 project.

Programme of the study visit.