The period before and after the summer break has been very active in S34Growth.

On-Site Deep Dives (OSDDs) haven been organised in Lombardy in June, in South Netherlands in September, and in Catalonia in October.  In addition to project partners, regional stakeholders have attended the OSDDs around Europe. Back in their region, the stakeholders have had meetings to discuss the OSDD experiences and to give their input for the Regional Action Plan development.

Moreover, S34Growth has been asked to enter the stage in various events, such as the Exchange of Experience Seminar in Barcelona 31 May 2017, Smart Regions 2.0 Conference in Helsinki 1–2 June 2017, and Regional Industrial Policy Seminar in Shannon 12–13 June 2017.

Please check out the project website and the latest newsletter for more information. You are also welcome to follow us on Twitter @S34Growth.

OSDD Lombardy

Smart Regions 2.0

OSDD Catalonia