Welcome to sustainable tourism mobility seminar on 29 August. The event will be organised in Tampere Hall where also our guest speakers from England, Norway and Denmark will be joining us. If you cannot come to Tampere Hall, online participation is also possible.

In the seminar you will hear about the outcomes of Sustainable tourism mobility project: experiences from sustainable tourism mobility action plans and the success of our sustainable mobility experiments: Outdoor Express, bike&rail, eCar adventures… All these are not only fostering low carbon development, but also adding value to social sustainability and tourism experience in general.

We welcome you for a joint lunch provided by Visit Tampere. A site visit with Outdoor Express to Kintulammi nature reserve (30 min drive from Tampere)  is offered for those that can stay with us and continue discussions after lunch. This is a good possibility to join discussion, make new contacts and learn more on the possibilities of sustainable mobility in tourism.

Make sure to check the programme and register in the seminar by 16 August via this link. Inform us in the registration whether you take part in lunch and/or site visit.

This seminar is organized by the Sustainable Tourism Mobility -project that was implemented in cooperation with Visit Tampere, Tampere University and the Baltic institute of Finland. The project and the seminar is co-financed by the REACT-EU instrument as part of the EU actions due to COVID-19 pandemic.