Sustainable tourism hub project aims to form a sustainable tourism service hub in the area of Särkänniemi in Tampere. The aim is to develop the area as a coherent ecosystem of low carbon tourism services. The project organises workshops for companies and development organisations on following themes: renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy, low carbon shipping, sustainable mobility and low carbon restaurant service solutions. Selected services and concepts will be piloted. During the project an operational plan for the hub ecosystem will be created. The plan will include description of infrastructural pre-conditions, sustainability criteria for companies and their services in the area as well as operational and communication plans.

The project contributes to the carbon neutral Tampere 2030 programme and development of local tourism service ecosystem as well as increases international visibility of Tampere Region.

Sustainable tourism hub is implemented in close cooperation with Visit Tampere, City of Tampere, Särkänniemi, universities and companies. The Baltic Institute of Finland participates in the project as a partner. One of the tasks of the Baltic Institute is to organise a peer review with international sustainability and amusement park experts to provide recommendations for the planning of Särkänniemi area.

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