Johanna Vannes

Senior Specialist, International Projects and Financing

Johanna has a higher university degree in linguistics and international relations from Tampere University including study periods in Germany and the UK. She also holds a specialist vocational qualification in product development, has completed basic studies in design management and service design, and has attended a leadership training organised by the British Council.

Johanna’s strengths encompass know-how in national and international development work and project management; expertise in EU funding; experience from planning and executing in-service training programmes and web-based courses; technical knowledge of creation of websites and online platforms; and extensive language and intercultural communication skills.

Since becoming a member of the staff at the Baltic Institute of Finland in 2009, Johanna has prepared and led international projects in a variety of topics, such as smart specialisation, industry renewal, digital innovation hubs, innovation ecosystems, SME internationalisation, supply chain management, and innovative public procurement.

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