BSR Stars S3 project approved for funding in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme

Nov 24, 2015

BSR Stars S3 – Stimulating smart specialization ecosystem through engaging SMEs in open innovation processeswas approved for funding in the first call of applications of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. Altogether 282 applications were submitted in the first call and only 35 were approved in the final round.  

Project involves 12 partners from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Norway. The Baltic Institute of Finland is the LP with long experience of BSR cooperation, EU project management, BSR networks and BSR Stars programme. The total budget of the project is 3.6 million euros.

The main objective of the BSR Stars S3 project is to improve competences and capabilities of innovation actors (SMEs, universities, business development organisations, regional authorities and national policymakers) to apply a transnational approach in the implementation of their regional and national smart specialisation strategies. Building on existing activities and policy governance structures (e.g. Innovation Express, the BSR Stars Advisory Board and the PA INNO Steering Committee), the BSR Stars S3 project aims to develop more integrated innovation support infrastructures (e.g. EEN, test/demonstration facilities, innovation platforms) and new innovation management tools to leverage complementary competences across borders in the BSR.


The project focuses on cross-sectoral S3 field bio/ circular economy using digital economy as an enabling field leveraged the smart specialization strategies of the participating regions of Skåne (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Tampere (Finland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and SorTrondelag (Norway).

The project main outputs are a cross-sectoral S3 support programme for SMEs and policy briefs with recommendations that can be used at the regional, national and EUlevels for efficient S3 implementation. The project expects to foster more efficient approaches to transnational collaboration on common challenges with specific focus on bio/circular economy and a more integrated innovation ecosystem in the BSR.

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