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BIF is reforming its project management activities. Our strengths derive from strong project management skills and over 10 years of experience from project design to evaluation.

  • We utilise the key project management tools including Logical Framework and Project Cycle Management.
  • We have successful project cases in the key funding programmes in the Baltic Sea Region, Russia and Europe including BSR Programme, Tacis, Interreg, NCM.
  • Through our Europe-wide networks we have experience of composing representative, complementary and competitive partnership consortiums.
  • We provide high quality project design experience with over 90% of our project applications being approved for funding.
  • We have accumulated extensive contacts and access to key Russian administrative bodies, universities, business and non-profit organizations in North-West Russia.
  • We are known as a solid trustworthy partner in developing cooperation in any field of interest.


BIF Project Team gives advice and assistance to organizations in developing project cooperation with local and international partners.


We provide assistance to:

  • design a competitive project plan and representative partner consortium
  • provide an effective project implementation and management
  • evaluate project implementation and results      


BIF Russia Expert Team assists organizations interested to develop innovation, research, IPR, culture, environment and business cooperation in Russia.



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