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What is BSR QUICK?

EU Project

BSR QUICKQualification, Innovation, Cooperation and Keybusiness for SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region – is an EU project co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013. The project has 40 partners from around the BSR area.


Key Issues

BSR QUICK addresses the following central bottlenecks undermining the development of SMEs in the Baltic Sea region:

  • limited benefit from innovation processes and R&D solutions
  • low qualification of entrepreneurs and employees, and the labour force in general
  • limited internationalisation of SMEs and difficulties in accessing new markets
  • lack of strategic support for SME development in the framework of regional and national policies


More Information

BSR QUICK website


Lead Partner

Hanseatic Parliament, Hamburg


Contact person at the Baltic Institute of Finland

Irina Sarno

Project Manager

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