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BSR InnoReg project achievements

When BSR InnoReg started with the kick-off seminar in Tampere in April 2009, the project consortium set out to carry through a work plan that had three special focuses. With active participation of all project partners and stakeholders and with the support of the Project Steering Committee and the Project Advisory Group, all the goals of the project were achieved. Here is an overview of what the BSR InnoReg network has accomplished.


1) Strategic transnational approach to innovation promotion

The challenges of innovation promotion and BDOs in non-metropolitan regions as well as innovation cooperation in the BSR were discussed in the Baltic InnoReg Forum in Riga, Latvia, 18 June 2010. Main speakers of the Forum were Nikos Pantalos (DG Enterprise and Industry), Helene Vogelmann (Vinnova) and Vineta Griekere (BSR Programme 2007–2013).


The Baltic Innovation Policy Memorandum, one of the main outputs of the project, was launched in the Baltic Innovation Policy Seminar in Brussels, Belgium, 16 June 2011.


2) Competence building for business development organisations (BDOs)

Based on the development processes in partner regions, BDOs’ key competences for the future were identified (e.g. strategic thinking, informational competences, project management and networking skills, partnership competence, and international competence). The essence of BDOs’ competence needs can be summarised as follows: “The winner in this reality show is well-informed, ready for changes and ready to provide services for tomorrow’s demand.”


BSR InnoReg also organised four Transnational Training Modules (TTMs) for BDOs:

  • TTM Seinäjoki (October 2009): Preconditions for Successful Innovation Processes
  • TTM Tartu (March 2010): Creativity, Innovation & Management
  • TTM Riga (September 2010): Financing and Support for Start-up Companies
  • TTM Rostock (March 2011): Innovation Support Tools & Networking

The experiences of the TTMs were transformed into a training programme.


3) Innovation support tools and practices

Various innovation support measures were developed and tested by partners. The results were compiled into a handbook under the following headings:

  • Innovation voucher model
  • User-driven innovation – Living Labs
  • Start-up support – Business development and risk assessment tool
  • Involving students in innovation processes

Download your free copy here!


You can also check out the BSR InnoReg newsletters for further information:

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