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The goal of the project’s concrete activities is to establish continuous practical level cooperation on measurements of gaseous pollutants and PM, passive sampling and dispersion modelling between experts in Finland and St. Petersburg. Possibilities and protocols for reciprocal online information exchange will be explored and tested for the benefit of both partners, especially in developing the quality assurance procedures of the AQM systems and in improving and validation of air quality forecasting methods in Finland.


The activities are divided into four components that are briefly described below:


I Practical level collaboration on instrumental monitoring and on-line reciprocal information exchange


The component will provide a framework for exchanging expert evaluation and further development of on-line reciprocal information exchange that will improve the quality of air quality monitoring and Air Quality forecasting in Finland and in Russia.


  1. Background stations and information exchange
  2. Field measurements of concentrations caused by ship emissions in the surroundings of harbors of St Petersburg

II Comparison measurements and assessment of the Quality Assurance of measurements in St. Petersburg and Finland


The focus of this component is on further development of methodology for the metrological support and Quality Control and Quality Assurance of the air quality monitoring in St. Petersburg and Helsinki.


III Air quality assessment by modeling of dispersion of pollutants


Practical level activities in this component aim at

            - improvement of the methodology of air quality assessment by air pollutants          dispersion simulation

            - improvement of input data bases for air pollutants dispersion simulation.


  1. Development of a methodology for making a comprehensive inventory of ship emissions, using the ship traffic data available in Russia and Finland.
  2. Assessment of the impact of emissions from ships of different types on the air quality in St. Petersburg and the Finish cities.
  3. Improvement of the methodology of the motor traffic emission inventory.

IV Dissemination of the project results


The project coordinator will organise in close collaboration with the key project partners in Finland and in St.Petersburg a proposal to continue cooperation on air quality monitoring related activities, as well as decide on which international conferences/seminars the experts will take part in to present and disseminate project results.

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