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AQM St.Petersburg - Development of Air Quality Monitoring


Environmental cooperation project between the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and the Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety, City of St. Petersburg


Duration: 21 months (June 2010 – February 2012)


Geographical coverage: Russia, Finland


Project language: English




This project aims to enhance reduction and prevent emissions and discharges that pose a threat to the environment in the Baltic Sea region, with special emphasis on improvement of air quality in the St. Petersburg region.


The goal of the project is to develop continuous practical level cooperation on gaseous pollutants and PM measurements, passive sampling, related online data exchange and dispersion modelling between experts in Finland and St. Petersburg.


Project also aims to develop air quality monitoring and AQ data utilization in decision making processes, health risk assessment, information distribution to citizens and procedures in episodes. Possibilities to expand the cooperation are explored, and relevant cities in the Baltic Sea region and beyond will be invited to join the discussions.



Cooperation is focusing more specifically to the following issues:


1)      Promoting development of comprehensive local environmental protection systems in the framework of interregional collaboration targeting at air quality monitoring in St. Petersburg and in Finland

2)      Enhancing and strengthening exchange and dissemination of information, especially focusing on practical level joint activities in further developing of QA/QC for air quality monitoring and measurement system, improving the use of dispersion modelling, and elaborating and testing of protocols for reciprocal information exchange between Finland and St. Petersburg

3)      Enhancing capacities of local policy makers, officials and experts in design, management and evaluation of air monitoring and management systems in collaboration with local industry with special focus on improving quality, comparability and traceability of air quality monitoring and measurements results and system in St. Petersburg

4)      Facilitating effective interregional environmental cooperation through involving also other relevant cities in the air quality collaboration in the Baltic Sea region or even beyond to ensure sustainability of the project results and acceleration of joint project initiatives

5)      To improve air quality forecasting system in Finland by utilising real time air quality monitoring data from St. Petersburg

6)      To assess the impact of emissions from ships of different types on the air quality in St. Petersburg and the Finish cities




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