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VBN InnoReg


Background and objectives

VBN InnoReg involves 10 partner regions in the Via Baltica Nordica (VBN) zone. The key element of the project is analysing the knowledge potential, good practices, joint interests and development needs in innovation promotion in VBN partner regions to develop a joint approach to innovation promotion for the VBN macro-region. The project promotes regional collaboration and international networking between regional authorities, universities, technology centres and enterprises to foster competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region, focusing on VBN macro-region. 

Via Baltica Nordica is a coherent cooperation and development zone being one of the most dynamically developing areas within the Baltic Sea region. Previous projects in the VBN zone have focused mainly on development of transport and tourism. VBN InnoReg offers a new perspective and aims at increasing competitiveness of the VBN macro-region by providing support to regional innovation system development through regional and transnational cooperation. 



The project activities are implemented in parallel regional and transnational operations:

  1. A joint VBN approach to innovation promotion will be developed through analysing Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) in the partner regions to identify strenghts and development needs of innovation systems and opportunities for transnational cooperation.
  2. Regional training events and seminars for regional innovation system actors are organized in the partner regions to ensure their involvement and sustainability of the RIS analyses results. Study tours are organized for the partner regions.
  3. New innovative tools and concepts are developed and piloted by project partners and shared with innovation actors in the Baltic Sea region.

Project partners & funding

In addition to the Lead Partner, the Baltic Institute of Finland, VBN InnoReg involves 17 partner organisations from seven BSR countries: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Total budget of the project is almost EUR 1,1 million. The project is co-financed by the EU BSR Interreg IIIB programme.


Project duration: 2006-2007

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