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Welcome to the web site of the Baltic Institute of Finland pilot development project Promotion of Knowledge Society in St. Petersburg through a Regional Partnership.


This project is initiated and designed in the framework of close collaboration between the city of  Tampere in Finland and the city of St. Petersburg in Russia to promote local  information society development. The partner cities are strongly committed to facilitate eEurope, Northern eDimension and eRussia initiatives in general and e-St. Petersburg and eTampere programmes in particular.


The cooperation is focusing to facilitate development of high-quality modern public services for citizens in St. Petersburg utilizing the experience and knowledge acquired in the eTampere InfoCity and eCity Card projects. The goal is to establish a pilot city smart card scheme for public services in St. Petersburg in close collaboration between experts and public and private sectors.


This project focuses to enhance capacities of the St. Petersburg City authorities responsible for knowledge society issues to design and establish policies and programmes on improving infrastructure, applications, content and networks in providing public services both to citizens and businesses. The goal is to enhance partnerships between public and private sectors as well as encourage use of electronic communication in the public sector, among citizens and businesses. The project is designed to facilitate exchange and dissemination of up-to-date technical knowledge on applications for improving effectiveness of governmental and municipal electronic systems on public online services as well as sharing best practices in this field. Direct contacts and joint ICT initiatives between local enterprises, academic institutions, public authorities and other relevant organizations in the two cities are promoted and facilitated through project activities. Specifically the project aims at enhancing acceleration of innovative business ideas and Cooperation projects related to the city smart card development.


The purpose of this project is to design and establish a pilot city smart card scheme for public services in St. Petersburg based on the experience and knowledge acquired both in the eTampere InfoCity and eCity Card project. This model scheme will be applied into the local environment taking into account priority needs and key problems faced in providing public services targeting at a selected group of citizens. The pilot phase of the project will be implemented first with the St. Petersburg Metro and the city social services.


This project is designed to benefit in the end the citizens of St. Petersburg as well as officials of the City of St. Petersburg working on knowledge society issues, public service providers, smart cards specialists in the private sector and eTampere partners. The key activities include a feasibility study, training, study tour, workshops, awareness raising and city smart card design and piloting.


The project is financed by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications under the Finnish Neighbouring Area Cooperation programme.


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Note: the project has ended in January 2006. In February 2006 the follow-up project called    e-St. Petersburg II was launched.


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