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The Baltic Institute of Finland

The project concentrated on identifying employers who would be interested in or willing to recruit highly educated foreigners living or studying in the region. The main aim was to find out employers´ expectations, needs and problems they face in recruiting foreign employees as well as employers´ willingness to use assisting services in recruitment process.


The survey was conducted in 200 organisations in the Tampere region. 16 respondent organisations were selected for in-depth interview study. The report that was completed in August 2007 is the basis for the WorkPlace Pirkanmaa project. 


The Baltic Institute of Finland carried out the project. The Steering Committee was responsible for the content issues. The Steering Committee consisted of:

- City of Tampere

- Tampere Chamber of Trade and Commerce

- The Unipoli Tampere Network

- Tampere Summer University

- International Student Organisation “INTO” (Tampere University of Technology)

- KPM-Engineering

- The Baltic Institute of Finland


The project received funding from the City of Tampere, Unipoli Tampere Network and The Baltic Institute of Finland.

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