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- Baltic Sea cooperation for reducing ship and port emissions through knowledge- & innovation-based competitiveness

Maritime transport in the Baltic Sea constitutes an important part of the trade and services in the region and for the whole Europe. Baltic shipping is constantly growing and some of the busiest shipping routes in the world go through the Baltic Sea. Consequently, ship exhaust emissions are increasing and affecting large geographical areas due to atmospheric transport of the pollutants.


IMO has designated the Baltic Sea as a Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) requiring a progressive reduction in sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions from ships by 2015.


Due to more stringent international requirements for reducing harmful atmospheric emissions, shipping industry in the Baltic Sea will be faced in the next five years with substantially increased fuel expenses, logistics costs and needs for large investments into low-emission technology and infrastructure. At the same time economies in the Baltic Sea countries are suffering from impacts of the global recession.


In this framework, the Baltic Sea countries are to prepare national implementation plans to bring effect the IMO limitations for emissions. EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the EU Strategy and Action Plan for the BSR and HELCOM encourage transnational cooperation between national and regional governance for coordinating various initiatives and making the Baltic Sea a model region for

clean shipping in Europe.

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06.09.2013 BSR InnoShip eNewsletter #6

BSR InnoShip partners active in Tall Ships' Races 2013; BSR InnoShip presentations headlined the emissions session in the MSSM conference; Solutions for low-emission shipping presented in the BSR InnoShip Final Seminar next week!

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03.07.2013 BSR InnoShip eNewsletter #5

The LNG-ferry Viking Grace set stage to BSR InnoShip seminar; BSR InnoShip work presented in a forum in Hong Kong; Marine youth organizations to cooperate with BSR InnoShip partners; Call for proposals for the Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award launched; BSR InnoShip Final Seminar in Brussels in September 2013

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19.06.2012 BSR InnoShip Final Seminar in Brussels - registration now open!

The BSR InnoShip final seminar "Solutions for Low-Emission Shipping in the Baltic Sea Region" will be organised in the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the EU on 9-10 September 2013 in Brussels.

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19.04.2013 BSR InnoShip e-Newsletter #4

A workshop on slow-steaming organized by the BSR InnoShip project; Ship emissions under discussion at the BSR InnoShip round table at the Baltic Sea Day event in St. Petersburg; BSR InnoShip and SNOOP projects join forces at the SNOOP Policy Forum in Tallinn; Alternative solutions for maritime fuel under discussion in Helsinki; The BSR InnoShip project to host its final seminar in Brussels in September 2013; New reports at Clean Shipping Currents; Steady as she goes – joint seminar of BSR InnoShip and Baltic Sea Challenge on board Viking Grace

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20.02.2013 BSR InnoShip e-Newsletter #3

BSR InnoShip expertise present in the 2. Finnish-German Logistics Forum; BSR InnoShip a key player in a project cluster focusing on transport corridors; Future sulfur regulation on Baltic Sea - Hearing on scenarios for the Mid Nordic Cargo Transports; Results of the BSR InnoShip project introduced in the MSSM Conference in Denmark; Workshop in Cyprus organized in cooperation with the CleanShip project; BSR InnoShip presented at the BPO Port Debate; Public online data of the air quality in Riga now available; Clean Shipping Currents establihed – A fast dissemination platform for clean shipping information

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