Board Members

BIF is maintained by the Foundation for the Baltic Institute, founded by the City of Tampere.
Members of the Board of the Foundation for the Baltic Institute 2018-2020 include the following:


Chairman of the Board
Mr Jari Ahjoharju, Development Director
Visit Tampere Ltd.

Deputy Chairman of the Board
Mr Markus Sjölund, Director
Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Mr Timo Antikainen, Business Development Director
City of Tampere

Mr Jukka Alasentie, Director, Regional Development
The Council of Tampere Region

Ms Aila Dündar-Järvinen
Member of the Tampere City Council

Dtech Mika Hannula, Professor
Turku University

Dr Harri Melin, Vice-rector
University of Tampere

Mr Pauli Välimäki, Development Manager
City of Tampere


Mr Esa Kokkonen, Director
The Baltic Institute of Finland